Assistive Products

Assistive products to enhance quality of life for persons with epilepsy, increase safety for everyone, and provide caretakers with tools they need for better time and patient management.

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    • Drop Support

      Does someone you love have uncontrolled drop seizures and would love to get up and out.  When a seizure takes place in someone you love, can you guarantee they don’t get injured? “Drop Support” is a fall support harness for families and caregivers of children and adults with epilepsy (and other chronic conditions), which provides a better means of managing and controlling falls to reduce the risk of injury.  The device allows the user to walk unrestricted but still feel supported and secure at the same time. This device is extremely beneficial in reducing fall injuries in and around the kitchen, bathroom, stairs, public places with hard surfaces, outdoors,Created out of LOVE for a...

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    • QR Life Support Bracelet

      How It Works In a medical emergency situation the availability of essential medical information could be the difference between life and death. What medication is the patient taking? What medical conditions do they have? Do they have any allergies? First Responders can provide the best possible care by knowing all of this information and QR LifeSupport’s patent pending system provides all this information and a lot more. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The QRLifeSupport kit includes a laser-engraved, waterproof, non-allergenic, silicone bracelet, as well as a plastic emergency card for your wallet. You have the option of selecting one of 6 colors, or a custom branded bracelet that proudly displays the name of a...

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