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Purple Day®

Purple Day® is when people around the world come together to support people with epilepsy by wearing purple and engaging in fun and celebratory activities in order to raise awareness of epilepsy. The goal is to get people to talk about epilepsy in order to dispel myths and express solidarity. Purple Day® was started in 2008 by Cassidy Meagan of Nova Scotia, Canada, and now is celebrated in over 100 countries by hundreds of thousands of people. It is a grassroots movement. Numerous state and city proclamations have been made supporting Purple Day®. Various landmarks around the world have been lit purple (Niagara Falls, Christ The Redeemer, etc).

Epilepsy Awareness 365 Days a Year

Purple (lavender) is the international color representing epilepsy awareness and we want everyone across the world to know. Inspired by Purple Day® – March 26, the international day for epilepsy awareness, we created Purple Day® Every Day to help make purple an important color every day of the year.

The Anita Kaufmann Foundation

The Anita Kaufmann Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity whose sole mission is to educate the public not to fear people with epilepsy in order to reduce the stigma and increase acceptance for persons with epilepsy. The Foundation came into existence because Anita Kaufmann bequeathed her entire estate to its creation with the mission to educate the public about epilepsy. Anita felt that often times the stigma was worse than the condition. Anita understood that public education would help reduce the wide spread fear and stigma associated with epilepsy. In life Anita strove to make the world a kinder gentler place and in death she continues with this goal. Below are some of our programs:

  • Public Education – provide free educational and seizure first aid materials to employers, schools, police and fire departments and retail establishments.
  • Heads Up For Vets – collaborated and developed materials with Veterans Administrations Epilepsy Centers of Excellence for distribution to veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury and epilepsy.
  • The Purple Day® Walk – held each year at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, the largest mall in the United States. This year we are working on an Official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Title Attempt for the Largest epilepsy training session where we will be teaching seizure first aid. Join us.
  • The Great Purple Cupcake Party – each year we invite bakeries and cupcakeries to feature PURPLE CUPCAKES! A portion of each sale is donated to the Foundation. We provide seizure first aid bookmarks that are given out with each sale.
  • Esquires for Epilepsy Awareness – Launched in 2016, law firms show their support by educating themselves about seizure first aid and learning more about epilepsy and seizures.
Epilepsy Education & Awareness:


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