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    • $5.99

      “One Eyed Purple Seizure Eater” says ‘Cure Epilepsy’

      This cute plush toy represents the ‘One Eyed Purple Seizure Eater Monster’ and says “Cure Epilepsy” on the back of it. This is a small, soft plush body is 5.5 inches in diameter.  Makes a cute gift, desktop squeeze toy, and comforter while it also spreads epilepsy awareness. Scare the seizures away with this fun ‘ One Eyed Purple Seizure...

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    • $9.99

      Meet “Epil Lepsy” Our Purple ‘Epilepsy Stinks’ Skunk Plush

      This awesome Plush Toy has “Epilepsy Stinks” embroidered on the chest.  A squeezable soft comfort animal in our line of Epilepsy Awareness Plush Toys.  Named by one of our “Fans” and is now a top selling item The Epilepsy Stinks Skunk Plush Toy makes a perfect gift for a child, adult or for...

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