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    • $8.99

      Color Changing Epilepsy Awareness Coffee Mug

      EpilepsyStore.com exclusive item! This mug bears the new “Hope for a Cure” design by EpilepsyStore.com. It is mostly obscured by the black color until you add a hot beverage. When a hot drink fills the mug, the color changes to white, revealing the...

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    • $4.99 $3.99

      Epilepsy Awareness Koozie (3 pack)

      This one of a kind Epilepsy Awareness drink koozie keeps your drinks cold! It is custom made for EpilepsyStore.com and features the ‘Purple e Ribbon’ in white to standout on purple material. This is a high quality neoprene drink koozie with purple stitching. This koozie is sold as a set of...

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    • $6.00

      Live – Laugh – Love Purple Ribbon Mug

      NEW LIMITED QUANTITY white ceramic mug with the words Live – Laugh – Love on it with all the “Ls” a nice purple awareness...

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    • $7.99 $4.99

      Purple Ribbon Flower Mug

      This coffee mug features a print of a hand-painted Purple Ribbon wrapping around a bouquet of wild-flowers.

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    • $14.99

      Purple Steel Epilepsy Awareness Tumbler

      NEW ITEM – Purple 30oz (X-LARGE SIZE) Epilepsy Awareness Tumbler featuring our purple ‘e’ ribbon’ laser etched on it.  The style and quality of this tumbler rivals that of a popular Y E  – – brand’s ‘Rambler Tumblers’ that go sell for $39.99!  The tumbler will keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for HOURS!  The new style top lid slides and is a transparent acrylic....

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