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      “Anyone With A Brain Can Have A Seizure.”® Button

      “Stand Up to Seizures” and educate others with this “Anyone With a Brain Can Have a Seizure”® button! This is an official Anita Kaufmann Foundation licensed item.  They are the US trademark owner of Purple Day® and the International trademark owner of Purple Day® Every Day.  This button is metal and measures approximately 2 inches in diameter. Great for classroom education and epilepsy awareness special events!...

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      Purple Day® Pen Scroll

      Great way to educate on epilepsy.  This pen has a pull out scroll with epilepsy info on both sides! The official Pen of Purple Day® and the Anita Kaufmann Foundation! Licensed by the Anita Kaufmann Foundation, owner of the Purple Day® and Purple Day® Every Day brands. 100% of the proceeds from sales go directly to epilepsy awareness and education programs. This pen writes in blue ink and has a soft cushion finger grip with seizure first aid information inside it. Support Purple Day®, Every Day! About Purple Day® Products WHY...

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      Shaken Baby Educational DVD

      This DVD was produced by the Epilepsy Association of Central Florida. It provides an in-depth look at the devastating consequences that shaking a baby may have on the child and...

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